Mexican Tacos

Mexican Tacos

Mexican Tacos are the food that is changing the menus of the restaurants all over the world, and that is because to eat a Taco is not just to eat a Taco. To eat a Taco is to have a taste of the Mexican culture. To eat a Taco is to enjoy the flavor of Mexican history. To eat a Taco is to be part of the Mexican traditions. However, there is only one country where you can eat Real Mexican Tacos.

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As a Mexican, I could define the Mexican food as simple as a well-made Taco. In Mexico, we can make Tacos of almost any kind of food. In Mexico, we just need a fresh-made tortilla, a filling, a topping, and a salsa to prepare the best Taco ever. It does not matter what is the Tacos made of, the important is we are eating Tacos. For us, Tacos is the way to get the best taste of the food.

Tacos have four ingredients, which are tortilla, filling, toppings, and salsa. If a taco misses one of those ingredients, the taste could be not the best. The Tortilla is the main part of the Taco, without the tortilla, there is not Taco. The filling gives the name to the Taco, and usually, it is meat, however, it could be a veggie Taco. The topping is used to fill out the tortilla and add a special flavor to the Taco. Salsas make the Taco spicy and tastier.

Without tortilla there is not a taco, so, the tortilla is the queen part of the Taco. In Mexico, we can eat tortillas every day, even if we don’t make a taco with it, we just roll it to bite while we enjoy our meal. In the past, tortillas were hand-made and prepared from scratch. Nowadays, there are places called tortillerias that sell just made and warm tortillas. There are tortillerias everywhere in Mexico. Every neighborhood has at least one tortilleria. Even the supermarkets have their tortillerias. Mexicans buy and eat tortillas anywhere anytime.

The filling gives the name to the Taco. Because the Tacos are filled with something, we call the tacos using the name of the meat, vegetable, or dish, to the call tacos. For instance, there are as many kinds of tacos as many kinds of Mexican dishes. The most famous Tacos are those eaten on the street. Some examples are, tacos al pastor, tacos de suadero, tacos de carnitas, tacos de barbacoa, tacos de cecina, tacos de longaniza, tacos de……

Toppings make the taco special. Toppings are the ingredients that make two tacos with the same filling different. Depending on the likes of each person are the toppings added to the tacos. Usually, toppings are row vegetables and give a juicy taste to make a taco easier to chew and extract that special flavor to convert it as an individual.

The tortilla is the queen and the salsa is the princess. To taste completely a taco, it should have salsa in it. You cannot completely enjoy a taco if you do not add salsa. So, the taco becomes spicy a tastier, and you full of pleasure. In Mexico, there are as many kinds of salsas as many kinds of chilies.

Mexican tacos are cheap and fast food that you can eat everywhere and at any time in Mexico. Just ask for a “taqueria” or “puesto de tacos”. Every neighborhood has the best.

Tacos are taking over the world. In 2019, tacos al pastor were selected as the best street food in the whole world.

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Tacos al pastor are chosen as the best dish in the world

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