Mexico National Soccer Team

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Mexico National Soccer Team

Mexico National Soccer Team

When the Mexico National Soccer Team plays the country stops. No one works, no one studies, no one breaths, the whole country looks paralyzed; mostly during the world cup. However, it has never been world champion, we always say “jugamos como nunca, perdimos como siempre”, which means that we played the best game ever, but we lost as always.

Because of its geographical location, Mexico plays in the CONCACAF region. CONCACAF is one of the six confederations that support the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) and involves national soccer teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Historically, Mexico National Soccer Team has been considered the best national team playing in CONCACAF and has qualified to 16 of 21 world cups since the first in 1930. Mexico national soccer team has enjoyed all world cups since 1994, being one of six national teams to do so. Mexico and Brazil national soccer teams have been the only two countries on making the second round in the last 7 world cups.

Mexico has organized two FIFA world cup tournaments, the first one in 1970 and the second one in 1986. The best participations in a world cup have been during those tournaments that Mexico has organized, being eliminated in the quarterfinals. Mexico, Canada, and the USA, together are going to organize the 2026 FIFA World Cup (North America World Cup).

Usually, the team plays in the “Azteca” stadium, which is in Mexico City and considered the third biggest soccer stadium in the world. The capacity of the Azteca stadium is over 100,000 spectators and have been played two world cups finals in it.

When the National Team and another important team of Mexico win an important game, people go to gather and celebrate in “El Angel”. The Angel is a statue built in Paseo de la Reforma Avenue between 1902 and 1910 to commemorate 100 years of independence of Mexico from Spain. Nowadays, “El Angel” is the symbol of independence, freedom and free expression in Mexico.

Mexicans are still waiting to see the national team playing a world cup final.

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