Chiapas Clothing

Chiapas Clothing is made by Tzotzil Indigenous Maya people that live in central Chiapas highlands in southern Mexico. The largest Tzotzil population are in Chamula, San Cristóbal de las Casas, and Zinacantán, in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Chiapas Clothing

Chiapas Traditional Clothing

Traditional men’s clothing consists of shirt, short pants, neckerchief, hat, and wool poncho. Traditional women’s clothing is a blouse or long overdress (huipil), indigo dyed skirt (enredo), cotton sash, and shawl.

Chiapas Blouses

Chiapas Blouses

Chiapas Blouses, Hand Made Clothing from Mexico.

Floral Mexican Blouse

Authentic Embroidered Chiapas Blouse

Mexican Embroidered Blouse

Bejewelded Mexican Embroidered Blouse

Women’s Mexican Peasant Blouse

Ruffle Striped Mexican Embroidered Babydoll Blouse

Embroidered Tops Mexican Peasant

Mexican Peasant Blouses for Women



Chiapas Dresses

Chiapas Dresses, Hand Made Clothing from Mexico.

Floral Mexican Dress

Authentic Embroidered Chiapas Dress

Mexican Embroidered Dress

Bejewelded Mexican Embroidered Dress

Women’s Mexican Peasant Dress

Ruffle Striped Mexican Embroidered Babydoll Dress

Embroidered Tops Mexican Peasant Dress

Mexican Peasant Dresses for Women

Chiapas Dresses

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