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5 de Mayo History

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What Does Cinco de Mayo Mean?

It is believed that 5 de Mayo is Mexican Day, however, it isn´t, it is a celebration to remember a battle that took place in Puebla. It is known as “La Batalla de Puebla” (The Battle of Puebla).

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the France army in the City of Puebla, Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo Translation

Cinco de Mayo is a date, in fact, it means May 5, 1862.

Cinco de Mayo Costume

There is not a traditional costume to wear this day. The clothing is still like people wear for Mexican Independence Day on September 15th.


5 de Mayo Costume

Hat and Glasses

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How Cinco de Mayo is Celebrated?

Even it is a holiday and people get the day off, there is not a huge celebration for May 5th as it makes for Independence day or Day of the Dead.

In this case, the government only does a military parade and gives a speech remembering soldiers and all people that participated and died that day.

Depending on the year, if May 5th is on Friday or Monday, or even Thursday or Tuesday, it becomes a long weekend, so people go out of the city and have a short period of vacations. Sometimes schools take a week off, mostly if may 1st (labour day) and 5th are part of the same weekdays.

Food for 5 de Mayo

There is not a special food for 5 de Mayo, however, since it is celebrated as “The Battle of Puebla” and there are lots of dishes created in Puebla, people could prepare “Mole Poblano”, “Chiles en Nogada”, and so on.

Puebla is a Mexican state, but also its capital is called Puebla (Puebla City).

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

If you are looking for recipes for 5 de Mayo, I have to tell you that there is not a traditional recipe, however, there is a bunch of Mexican food you can prepare to celebrate 5 de Mayo.

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Is Cinco de Mayo the Day of the Dead?

Not, It is not. The Day of the Dead is on November 2nd, and it is a tradition from the Aztecs. 5 de Mayo’s first celebration was after 1862 when the “La Batalla de Puebla” took place.

Decorations for 5 de Mayo

In Mexico, people do not decorate homes, buildings, and streets like they do for The Day of the Dead. Decorations for 5 de Mayo are done mostly at bars, restaurants, or any place to go to spend time for the celebration.

Cinco de Mayo Decorations

For some reason, 5 de mayo is celebrated more in the United States and Canada than in Mexico. Here you have some Fiesta Decorations to celebrate for us.

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