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Mexican Groceries Stores. Buy products like you were in Mexico. Tiendas are the traditional way to buy groceries and all kinds of products in Mexico.
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Mexican Chocolate

Bite or Drink

¡Un Chocolate Caliente Por Favor!
In Mexico, you can go to La Tiendita to buy Chocolate Abuelita to prepare Hot Chocolate, but you will need a “Molinillo” to make it really delicious.

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Chocolate Abuelita

Chocolate Ibarra


Mexican Candy Stores

Hot and Sweet Spicy Candies

Sólo Mis Chicharrones Truenan

It is well-known that Mexicans eat as much spicy food as they can. But, how and when we start to eat spicy food. Well, we start to eat spicy food when we are kids. In fact, I can say we eat it since we are babies.

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Spicy Candies

Piñata Candies


Pelon Pelo Rico

Tamarind Candy

Spicy Mango Candies



Carlos V


Paleta Payaso

Mexican Salsas and Chiles

“Te crees muy salsa”

There is no doubt, Salsa Valentina is the most consumed salsa in Mexico. It has an endless use.

Put Salsa Valentina on it if your are eating any of this food: popcorn, chips, nachos, pizza, sea food, fruit, and more.

Jalapeños Chillies are eaten in tortas, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas, etc.

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Salsa Valentina

La Costeña








Mexican Mole

¡Que no te saquen el Mole!

The Aztecs called it “Molli”. The Mole we know nowadays was first prepared in Puebla, the reason why it adopted the name of Mole Poblano. However, like other Mexican food, every Mexican State has put its own touch on it.

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Mole Doña Maria

Mole La Costeña

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